Freight forwarding service

We supply the services of transporting full container (FLC), bulk cargo (LCL), oversized and overweight goods (OOG) and also taking order, delivery, container betting …all in one  with low cost and hardworking, experienced and responsible teams, our staffs are also handle quickly the related situations during transportation.  We believe that Hoang Thanh company  will bring absolute satisfaction to customers about the goods cost as well as shipping time.

Hoang Thanh logistics has lifting and loading services at the port and the warehouse of the customers with qualified and professional workers.

In addition, Our Company is too a shipping agency. We commit to provide  for customers competitive shipping agent service with reliability and high quality

To cut the cost for customers Hoang Thanh logistics also supply the multimodal transportation service (by sea, by air and by land), ensure that your cargo will be transported safely from border gate to warehouse with the most economical time and cost.

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